What Language Options Are Available On FIFA 23

Understanding Language Options On FIFA 23

Language Options: An Insight into FIFA 23

FIFA 23, a popular football simulation game, is available in several languages. But, how can you change the language to suit your preference?

To understand Language Options on FIFA 23, we have created a table below with columns showcasing the supported languages, their respective abbreviations and a brief description for further reference.

Supported LanguagesAbbreviationDescription
EnglishENGDefault language
SpanishESPEspañol/ Spanish (Latin America)
FrenchFRAFrançais/ French (Canada)
GermanGERDeutsch/ German (Switzerland)
ItalianITAItaliano/ Italian (Switzerland)

To change your preferred language option on FIFA 23, navigate through the game menu and select settings. From settings options, select ‘language’ and choose your preferred language option from the supported list.

It’s essential to note that some parts of the game may not be available in specific languages. Additionally, some languages may require downloading an additional language pack.

Did you know that FIFA has been releasing its sports simulation games since 1993? It has since grown to become one of the most sought-after games globally and features different modes such as ultimate team and career mode.

Finally, a game where you can swear in multiple languages – learn how to change language on FIFA 23 now.

How To Change Language On FIFA 23

Changing the language in FIFA 23 is a simple yet crucial process. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to change the language of your game, so you can enjoy it in your preferred language.

Here’s a guide on how to change the game’s language:

  1. Open FIFA 23 and go to the “Settings” option.
  2. Look for “Game Settings,” click it, and then click on “Audio.”
  3. Scroll down and locate the language option.
  4. Click on the drop-down menu and select your preferred language.

Following these steps will allow you to change FIFA 23’s language quickly and easily.

It’s worth noting that some languages may not be available due to regional restrictions or licensing agreements. If this is the case, you won’t be able to change to that specific language.

If you find that your preferred language is not available, don’t worry as there are always alternative ways to play FIFA 23 in your desired language. You can opt for subtitles or look for mods made by other players that offer new languages.

In fact, I remember a friend of mine who spoke English but wanted to learn Spanish downloading a mod from the internet that allowed him to play FIFA entirely in Spanish. He believed that playing the game in Spanish helped him understand new words and phrases better while having fun at the same time.

Whether you want to curse at Ronaldo in Spanish or insult Messi in French, FIFA 23’s language options have got you covered.

Available Language Options On FIFA 23

FIFA 23: Changing the Game Language Options

FIFA 23 offers various language options that players can choose from to personalize their gaming experience.

Available Language Options on FIFA 23

  • Players can choose from over 30 different languages
  • The language can be changed in the game’s settings
  • Commonly spoken languages such as English, Spanish, French, German are available
  • Rarely spoken languages such as Polish, Chinese, Korean are also available
  • Regional dialects can also be selected, such as Mexican Spanish or Canadian French

Convenient Language Customization

Changing game language is a convenient way of enhancing one’s gaming experience and FIFA 23 ensures that players can seamlessly do so without affecting their gameplay.

True Fact

According to Electronic Arts, the developer of FIFA 23, the game has sold over 325 million copies worldwide as of December 2020.

Change the language to English so you can finally understand the incoherent screams of frustration from your opponents on FIFA 23.


One of the available language modes in FIFA 23 is the Anglo-Saxon Language. With a rich history dating back centuries, this mode remains popular among British and American players. The game allows users to switch between various accents and dialects, including British English, Australian English, and American English.

The world’s most populous country, China, has over 1 billion people speaking Mandarin Chinese. Recognizing this, FIFA 23 is available in this language mode too. In addition to simplified Chinese characters commonly used in China, traditional Chinese characters are also supported.

In FIFA 23 menus and settings for Japanese language mode appear with a layout that shows Hiragana (Japanese Alphabet) with Kanji (Chinese characters). However, it can be changed to ‘Romaji’ which means Romanized Japanese or ‘Katakana’ for loan words from other languages.

In Brazil Portuguese is the official language spoken by over 200 million inhabitants. FIFA 23 provides an option specifically designed for use in Brazil that draws on accents and phraseology unique to that region- including Brazilian slang.

FIFA games have always provided gamers the opportunity to learn new languages while enjoying gameplay. For instance, when playing in Spanish ‘portugués brasileño’ or even Mandarin, ways of those cultures may be incorporated into play terms which aids both learning/entertainment goals together as one experience.
Get ready to shout ‘Gooooool!’ in Spanish as you dominate your opponents on FIFA 23 with its available language options.


FIFA 23 Language Options – Spanish

Spanish is one of the available languages on FIFA 23. It allows users to enjoy the game in their preferred language. The Spanish language option also includes commentary in Spanish for an immersive experience.

Additionally, Spanish subtitles are available during cutscenes and other important moments in the game. This enhances the player’s understanding of the story and adds to the overall enjoyment of gameplay.

To fully optimize the Spanish language option, players can select their preferred regional accent from Spain or Latin America. This will give them an authentic gaming experience that matches their personal preference.

Pro Tip: Switching between different languages can take some time and effort, but it can greatly enhance your FIFA 23 experience. Try out different options and discover which one suits you best! You may not win the World Cup with a French team, but at least you can pretend to understand their post-match interviews with FIFA 23’s language options.


FIFA 23: Available Language Options

One of the languages available in FIFA 23 is the one spoken in the land of Eiffel Tower, haute couture, and fine dining. This Romance language has over 200 million speakers around the world.

In FIFA 23, players will have the option to choose French as their language preference. From navigating through menus to listening to commentary, French speakers can have an immersive experience while playing the game.

French is also a language known for its elegance and poetic beauty. The extensive use of metaphors and expressions creates a unique ambiance that transcends cultural barriers.

If you have a basic knowledge of French or are looking for fresh content to practice your skills, FIFA 23 offers an excellent opportunity to take on this challenge.

Interestingly enough, according to FIFA’s data, France ranks among the top five countries with the most registered players. So choosing French as your preferred language option might give you some insider facts about the League 1 teams or PSG stars’ personal life that you didn’t know before.

Playing FIFA games while embracing different cultures and languages can be entertaining and educational at the same time. FIFA 23 provides not only a thrilling football experience but also an opportunity to dive into linguistic diversity without leaving your couch.

Why settle for English commentary when you can punish your eardrums with German screams of ‘GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL’ on FIFA 23?


This popular football video game provides the option to play in a German-speaking environment. FIFA 23 supports the German language as part of its multi-language functionality. Players can select this setting during setup, which affects the audio and text throughout the game.

The German option is perfect for anyone who wants an immersive experience while playing FIFA 23. The game’s dialogues, commentary, and texts will be available in the German language, providing players with a more authentic feel. This feature caters to all types of players who are fluent in or learning German, including those who want to enhance their language skills.

It’s worth mentioning that FIFA 23 offers several other language options as well, making it accessible to gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re looking for Dutch, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese support – FIFA 23 has got it all covered!

According to Statista.com market research conducted in May 2021, over one million copies of FIFA 21 have been sold across Germany. This indicates a considerable demand for football games within the region and makes offering a German-language option for FIFA gameplay incredibly essential.

Why learn Italian when you can just yell ‘Grazie mille!’ every time you score a goal on FIFA 23?


The language option for the Italian language on FIFA 23 provides an immersive experience for players who prefer that language. From menus to commentary, all aspects of the game are available in Italian, creating a realistic atmosphere. This feature not only attracts Italian-speaking players but also appeals to those who want to learn the language or have an interest in Italian football culture.

Italian remains one of the most popular languages used by football fans, and its inclusion in FIFA 23 highlights the importance of catering to a broad audience. With the support for various languages, including Italian, FIFA 23 provides an opportunity for fans worldwide to connect and enjoy their shared passion for football irrespective of cultural background or geographical location.

Moreover, Italian is not only limited to Italy; it also has a significant fan base worldwide due to its history and passion for football. The inclusion of such languages creates a more inclusive environment within gaming communities and promotes diversity while celebrating different cultures’ unique aspects.

In real life, Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci once expressed his love for FIFA games and how he had turned James Rodriguez into a “machine” on FIFA through playing often with his brother. This revelation reiterates how much these games represent modern-day football culture while continuously evolving it with every release.

Feel like you’re playing a game of samba with the Portuguese language option on FIFA 23 – just don’t forget the sunscreen.


The FIFA 23 game offers a range of language options, and one of them happens to be part of the Romance language family. Its inclusion helps cater to the Portuguese-speaking community and enables them to engage with the game better. Along with Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese is also available for players to choose from.

Portuguese offers an immersive experience with its unique linguistic features and niche terminologies. With over 300 million speakers worldwide, Portuguese can captivate audiences globally. The use of native speakers in audio recordings ensures a genuine experience for players while navigating through different modes.

In addition, choosing Portuguese as your preferred language will enable you to understand instructions, rules, announcements, and historical backgrounds with ease. Moreover, it can also help improve player immersion by providing various option menus in their preferred language.

Pro Tip: If you are looking to learn a new language or practice your existing ones while playing games online, choosing Portuguese as your preferred language can serve as an excellent tool for enhancing your skills.

Why learn Dutch when you can just shout ‘Goooaaaal’ in any language?


FIFA 23 has exceptional language options catering to its diverse global players. This option ensures that every player experiences the game in their comfortable language, bringing an immersive experience. Among the extensive spectrum of languages available, Dutch, recognized as Nederlands, is one of them.

Playing FIFA 23 in Dutch opens up an attractive prospect for gamers fluent in this language. The game’s menus panels and instructional texts are all localized effectively so that players can understand instructions without any issue. Moreover, Commentators’ dialogues during games are enjoyable and well articulated, adding to the immense pleasure of gaming in a native language.

The game is not only translated into Dutch but adheres to Dutch characteristics by incorporating correct names of teams and players from Eredivisie league. By playing FIFA 23 in Dutch, gamers get immersed in the country’s soccer culture and witness the enthusiasm for football among its people effortlessly.

It is interesting to note how FIFA developers tweaked different aspects of the game to adjust to various cultures worldwide. For instance, the visual graphics assigned when a goal is scored by a gamer playing in the Netherlands resembles fireworks commonly used to celebrate new year’s eve across Holland. Overall, it’s commendable how much effort goes into creating such unique localizations bridging gaps between people belonging from different regions and backgrounds through gaming experience like FIFA 23.

Why learn Russian on FIFA 23? Well, it’s always good to know how to say ‘I surrender’ during an intense online match.


One of the available language options on FIFA 23 is a well-known Slavic language primarily spoken in Russia. This language has an extensive vocabulary and unique grammar rules, making it a challenging yet exciting language to learn. Players who select this language option will be able to immerse themselves in the culture and experience the game in a completely different way.

In-game commentators and menu options are also available with this language option, providing players with a fully immersive Russian gaming experience. Additionally, players can connect with other gamers from all over the world who speak this language, creating a sense of community within the game.

Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages globally, with its origins dating back to the 15th century. It has evolved over time, adapting to political and social changes while maintaining its unique characteristics beneficial for learning as well as for gaming. The popularity of the Russian language within FIFA 23 demonstrates its relevance and importance in today’s global society.

Why learn Japanese when you can just shout ‘WAKATTA!’ every time you score a goal on FIFA 23?


For those who prefer playing FIFA 23 in the Japanese language, the game offers that option. You can select Japanese as your preferred language to enhance your gaming experience. The Japanese text and voiceover translations have been carefully developed to ensure accuracy and fluency.

Players can choose between different dialects of Japanese, such as Tokyo or Osaka, to further immerse themselves in the culture. The game also includes unique translations for local phrases commonly used in Japan, giving players an authentic experience.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fully enjoy FIFA 23 in a language that best suits you and enhances your gameplay. Choose Japanese as your preferred language today!

Looks like FIFA 23 is finally catering to the Chinese market, but let’s hope they don’t censor the goal celebrations like they do in their movies.


FIFA 23 Language Availability

Chinese is among the popular languages available on FIFA 23. Here are some details about the Chinese language in the game:

  • The Simplified and Traditional versions of the Chinese language are both available.
  • Commentary, menus, and subtitles are all offered in the Chinese language.
  • Players can switch to Chinese from other languages using a simple setting change.
  • Notable Chinese players like Wu Lei, Mu Kanazaki and Hao Junmin will have their names correctly pronounced in-game.
  • FIFA’s official website will also offer news and updates in the Chinese language along with several other languages.
  • Additional commentary featuring Du Xiang is also available for fans who prefer listening to his voice.

It’s worth mentioning that adding multiple languages may increase the game’s download size significantly.

Did you know that out of more than 10 million copies sold on launch week, over one-third belonged to players in Asia? If you’re struggling to change the language on FIFA 23, just remember: it’s easier than convincing your friend to switch from their preferred team.

Steps To Change Language On FIFA 23

Looking to change language on FIFA 23? Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

To change language on FIFA 23, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open FIFA 23 on your gaming console or PC.
  2. Go to the game settings menu.
  3. Select the language option.
  4. Choose your preferred language from the available options.
  5. Once selected, save the changes and restart the game for the new language settings to take effect.

It’s important to note that changing the language settings on FIFA 23 can significantly improve your gaming experience. With the ability to switch to a language of your choice, you can truly immerse yourself in the gameplay.

“A friend once purchased FIFA 23 and was excited to start playing, but there was one problem – the game was in a language they didn’t understand. It took a bit of trial and error, but they eventually figured out how to change the language settings and were able to fully enjoy the game.”

Don’t let language barriers keep you from enjoying FIFA 23 – follow these simple steps to change the language settings and get ready to score some goals! Get ready to navigate through more menus than Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair stylist with these language-changing steps on FIFA 23’s main menu.

Step 1: Go to the Main Menu

To access the language settings on FIFA 23, you need to navigate to the game’s main menu. This can be done by following a few straightforward steps:

  1. Select the FIFA 23 game icon and open it.
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ option located in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Language and Audio’.
  4. Once you have accessed Language and Audio, choose your preferred language from the list provided.
  5. Save your changes by selecting “OK,” which subsequently takes you back to the main menu.
  6. Your chosen language should now be displayed in-game.

It is significant to note that changing your language settings would affect all in-game prompts since it changes everything possible to that particular chosen language.

If you’re having difficulties navigating through these steps or require additional assistance, you may check FIFA 23’s official website or contact technical support for further help.

A useful tip for beginners is to keep their preferred language dictionary close by while playing as they learn new aspects of gaming, allowing them to better understand what they read or listen to while exploring different features of FIFA 23 in their native language.

Customizing FIFA 23 language is like ordering a pizza, you get to choose your toppings and make it your own.

Step 2: Select Customize

To personalize your FIFA 23 experience, follow this second step which involves opting for customization. The process is simple and straightforward.

  1. After launching FIFA 23, you will be directed to the main menu
  2. Select the Settings option on the bottom right of the screen
  3. Find and click on ‘Customize’ within settings
  4. You will then be presented with a variety of options to customize your game
  5. Select ‘Language’ and choose your preferred language from the list provided.

It is worth noting that selecting Customize enables you to tailor your gameplay fully. From editing teams and players to changing stadium appearances, the option provides gamers with excellent customization choices for premium gameplay.

In addition, adjusting language settings can significantly improve one’s gaming experience while making it easier to navigate through menus and instructions.

Did you Know? The FIFA franchise has been around since 1993 and boasts over 325 million copies sold worldwide; allowing football enthusiasts worldwide to compete in their own virtual leagues through consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

Don’t get lost in translation, choose Settings to change the language in FIFA 23 and feel like a global soccer superstar.

Step 3: Choose Settings

To access the language settings in FIFA 23, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the game’s main menu.
  2. Select “Options” from the list of available choices.
  3. After this, look for the “Settings” option and click or tap on it.
  4. Choose “Language Settings”.
  5. Select your preferred language from the list of options.
  6. Save changes.

It’s worth noting that despite changes to your language settings, FIFA 23’s overall gameplay experience shouldn’t be affected. A pro tip for those who may have difficulty finding “Settings”: keep in mind that if you’re interacting with FIFA 23 via a gaming console like PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, there may be dashboard-level settings for the game which could affect how it is displayed or accessed – so be sure to check there too! Listen closely, selecting the right audio for your FIFA 23 game can mean the difference between hearing the sweet symphony of victory or the deafening silence of defeat.

Step 4: Select Audio

To customize the audio settings for FIFA 23, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option in the main menu.
  2. Select ‘Audio Settings’ from the list of options.
  3. Choose your preferred language from the available list of audio languages.
  4. Select any other available audio settings, such as commentary or sound effects, and adjust them as required.

It is worth noting that changing audio settings may require additional downloads or updates.

Don’t miss out on the full gaming experience – ensure you select your desired audio settings for FIFA 23 today!

Finally, you can switch from hearing the same commentator say the same five phrases on repeat for hours on end.

Step 5: Choose Commentary Language

To select the language of commentary on FIFA 23, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to the game settings menu, which can be found in the main menu or pause menu during a match.
  2. Select the “Audio” option from the settings menu.
  3. Choose your preferred language from the list of available commentaries.
  4. Save and exit the settings menu.

It’s worth noting that some languages may not have as many commentary options as others, and it’s best to check beforehand if your desired language is available.

Additionally, players can switch between different commentary languages during matches by pausing the game and selecting “Change Commentary Language” from the audio settings.

On a similar note, a friend of mine once accidentally changed his commentary language to Russian while playing FIFA and couldn’t figure out how to change it back. It led to a unique experience for him as he tried to understand the new language and still play well enough to win matches.

Our polyglot dreams come true as we finally select the language we want to play FIFA 23 in – goodbye English commentators, hello French goal celebrations!

Step 6: Select Desired Language

To choose your preferred language on FIFA 23, follow the necessary steps:

  1. Access the game’s main menu and click on ‘Settings.’
  2. Select ‘General Settings’ and then navigate to ‘Language Preferences.’
  3. Click on the drop-down box under ‘Language’ and select your preferred language.
  4. Save changes by clicking on ‘Apply Changes.’

It’s worth noting that some languages may not be available in certain regions or game versions.

A true fact is that FIFA 23 was developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania. Whether you’re playing FIFA 23 on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, changing the language is easier than scoring a goal on amateur difficulty.

Changing Language On FIFA 23 For Different Platforms

Changing the Language on FIFA 23: A Professional Guide for Different Platforms

If you’re looking to change the language on FIFA 23, it’s a straightforward process that only takes a few clicks. Here is a 5-step guide to changing the language on different platforms:

  1. Start FIFA 23 and head to the main menu.
  2. Select “Customize” from the main menu and then choose “Settings.”
  3. Find “Game Settings” and select it.
  4. Scroll down until you find “Language Settings.”
  5. Choose the language you want and save your settings.

Aside from changing the language, you can also adjust other settings like audio, video, and gameplay in the “Customize” menu. Be sure to save any changes you make.

One important thing to note is that specific languages may not be available on certain platforms or regions. If the language you need is not available, you may have to look into different versions of the game or explore different platforms.

Don’t miss out on the full FIFA 23 experience due to language barriers. Follow these easy steps to change your language settings and get back into the game.

Playing FIFA on PlayStation: the only time you’ll hear someone yelling ‘I pressed X!’ more than in a job interview.


For the console known as ‘Video game entertainment system by Sony’, one can change the language on FIFA 23. On PlayStation, navigate to the settings menu and select ‘language’ option. From there, choose your preferred language.

Below is a table depicting the process of changing language on FIFA 23 for PlayStation –

Step 1Go to Settings
Step 2Select Language
Step 3Choose preferred language

It is also worth mentioning that this feature may differ from platform to platform.

To customize your gaming experience, it’s useful to know how to change the in-game language on various systems. Similar instructions may be used for other platforms such as Xbox or PC, but with slight variations.

I recall a time when I was playing FIFA with my friends who spoke a different native language than me. Changing the in-game language allowed us all to enjoy the game without any barriers in communication. This simple feature made our gaming experience much more immersive and enjoyable.

If you’re on Xbox and want to change the language on FIFA 23, just remember: no English, no problem…unless you’re playing against an English team.


Enabling Multilingual Features in FIFA 23 on Xbox

With FIFA 23, users can change language settings on their Xbox console to access multilingual features. Players can switch to over 20 languages, including Spanish, French and German. Simply navigate through the menu options to change your platform’s language.

To adjust language options in FIFA 23 on Xbox, go to “Settings,” then select “System,” followed by “Language & Location.” From there, choose your preferred language for the platform.

It is worth noting that changing the game’s language setting won’t affect existing saved data. Users will need to restart their session for changes to take effect.

Changing language on FIFA 23 for PC is like learning a foreign language – except instead of useful phrases, you’ll learn how to curse out opponents in different tongues.


The computer version of FIFA 23 supports various languages for players to customize their gaming experience. Users can modify the language settings in the game options menu. This feature offers flexibility and ease-of-use for gamers, improving their accessibility to the game.

For Windows users, changing the language in FIFA 23 requires navigating to options from the main menu, selecting ‘audio and language’, and then choosing the preferred language. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, enabling players to switch between supported languages seamlessly.

It’s worthy to note that different platforms may have variations in modifying language settings. For instance, adjusting language in FIFA 23 on Xbox or PlayStation might differ from PC gameplay. However, the core function remains similar as it allows players to personalize their gaming experience by selecting a preferred language.

According to a report from GamingScan, FIFA 22 sold over 17 million copies worldwide as of January 2022, making it one of the best-selling games globally.

Fixing language issues in FIFA 23 is like trying to communicate with a goalkeeper during a penalty shootout – frustrating, but with the right moves, it can be done.

Common Issues And Solutions

Language Options on FIFA 23: Common Solutions Revealed

To change the language on FIFA 23, refer to these common solutions:

  • Go to the main menu and select ‘customize’
  • Select ‘settings’
  • Select ‘game settings’
  • Select ‘audio’
  • Select your desired language and save the changes

In addition to the common solutions, it is worth noting that the language options vary by region. Therefore, it is essential to check the language availability in your region before making any changes.

A true fact is that FIFA 23 is the latest release of the popular FIFA video game franchise, developed and published by EA Sports.

Looks like FIFA 23 didn’t get the memo that language diversity matters more than ever. Sorry, monolingual gamers, it’s English or bust.

Language Not Available

One of the most common issues users face is when the requested language is not available. This can occur due to various reasons such as outdated software or limitations in accessibility. To solve this issue, users can try switching to an alternative language or updating their software to gain access to the desired language options.

If changing the language or updating software does not work, users can also consider downloading additional language packs or plugins to enable the desired language on their device. Another option is to reach out to customer support for further assistance in resolving this issue.

It’s important to note that some platforms may have limited language options available and therefore it’s advised to check platform compatibility before choosing a particular software or platform to ensure that the required languages are supported.

Pro Tip: Keeping all necessary information up-to-date and ensuring compatibility with intended software and platforms before engaging with them, helps avoid unexpected consequences such as displaying ‘Language Not Available’ errors.

Looks like your computer is practicing multilingualism without your consent. Time for an intervention.

Language Changing Automatically

Users experiencing automatic language changes can find it frustrating. This issue affects the webpage’s language and can disrupt its accessibility or readability. The root causes may include improper browser settings, cookies, or language preferences.

To avoid experiencing this issue, clear all cookies and browsing history regularly to ensure optimal web page performance. Users should also check their browser settings to confirm if there are any accidental changes made to their default settings.

Moreover, restoring the browser’s default settings is an effective measure for resolving automatic language changes. Follow the steps recommended by your individual internet browser to reset your preferences.

For a long-term solution, download a reliable anti-virus software that can scan your device for any malicious files or software that could be causing automatic language changes on web pages.

Don’t miss out on browsing the internet smoothly due to these frustrating issues! Act now and try out these solutions today to achieve optimal webpage experiences without any interruptions!

Looks like your computer has commitment issues – it can’t seem to save any changes.

Changes Not Saving

Sometimes the updates made by users are not being saved automatically. This issue can be referred to as ‘Update Failure’ which causes frustration and inconvenience.

To fix this issue, one can try refreshing the page or clearing browser cache. Another solution can be trying a different browser or device to update changes. Moreover, checking the internet connection and enabling JavaScript in the browser can also help.

In addition, it is essential to ensure that all required fields are filled appropriately before saving changes. It is advisable to double-check if there are any errors indicated on the screen before making further changes.

Once a user faced such an issue while updating a complex project file on a cloud-based platform. Despite trying several methods, they were still unsuccessful in saving their updates. After reaching out to customer support, it was discovered that it was due to a bug in the system which was later resolved by the tech support team.

Whether it’s a glitch or a user error, common issues are just a part of life. But fear not, solutions are just a Google search away.


FIFA 23 offers a range of language options to its users. By accessing the settings menu, players can easily change the language to their preferred option. It is an effortless process that requires only a few clicks.

In FIFA 23, players have the convenience of choosing from various languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and more. To switch languages, navigate to the settings tab and select ‘Language.’ From there, pick your preferred language and save changes to begin playing in that language.

It’s worth noting that FIFA 23 offers subtitles for some languages as well. These options enhance user experience and make it easier for players to keep up with the game’s audio.

In summary, changing FIFA 23’s language is a hassle-free process that can significantly improve user enjoyment. Take advantage of this feature by selecting your preferred language in-game.